Groot Brak River Accommodation

Groot Brak River Accommodation

Great Brak River Museum

Nestled within the confines of the “old school house,” the Great Brak River museum stands as a captivating repository of the village’s rich history, particularly during its heydays from 1859 to 1920. A visual and textual narrative unfolds within its walls, offering a comprehensive portrayal of the village’s evolution. The museum immerses visitors in a bygone era, dedicating rooms to diverse facets of Great Brak River’s past.

The museum’s exhibits include a dedicated space chronicling the Searle Industries and their military involvement, a meticulous reproduction of an early drawing-room, kitchen, and bedroom, and an extensive historical exploration of the Khoe people. Additionally, it delves into the overarching story of Modern Man, tracing its origins back some 200,000 years ago. The museum’s commitment to preserving history was duly recognized in 2013/14 when it clinched the prestigious Best New Museum Project award, surpassing competitors like Hout Bay and Iziko museums.

A unique feature of the Great Brak River museum is its association with the last remaining operable 1920s hydropower station in South Africa. Those intrigued by industrial history can arrange visits to this station, gaining insights into the technological advancements of the early 20th century. For further details on this opportunity, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the museum directly.

As an added bonus, the museum serves as the starting point for the Historic Village Route, a fascinating journey through Great Brak River. The route invites visitors to stroll through the village, marveling at buildings constructed before 1930, many of which were crafted using sun-baked bricks before 1920. To enhance the experience, the museum provides the Historic Village Route map, guiding enthusiasts to capture detailed information from accessible display plaques using their smartphones. For groups seeking a more curated experience, organized tours can be arranged through the museum by contacting them in advance.

In essence, the Great Brak River museum offers an immersive and educational experience, inviting patrons to step back in time and explore the intricate tapestry of a village shaped by history.

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